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We have identified a small section of the care home garden which can be accessed externally which is a reserved outdoor visiting space. Maximum 2 visitors. This reduces the number of people residents come into contact with and prevents visitor journeys through the residential areas.

This space has:

  • An outdoor location and so is well ventilated

  • A shelter for residents (from sun and drizzle)

  • Enough space for a socially distanced visit to take place by two visitors

  • Accessibility for residents

This space is indicated with yellow on the map

CVP Outside.png

Please note:

  • Visits are for a maximum 30 minutes.

  • We will need people to be prompt arriving and leaving so that the schedule of visits doesn’t get delayed.

  • You will need a mobile phone to contact the care staff at the end of you visit or if there is an emergency whilst you are with your relative. (01234321400)

  • there is no alternative if the weather isn’t great, you will need to re-arrange another time and hope for better weather.

  • Some residents using the larger garden area may be very vulnerable so you will need to ensure that residents going for a walk do not try to walk through the visiting space and use the gate to leave the garden.

  • We have created a new gate and step please be careful – you can use the entrance way it is at your own risk.

  • You will need to stay with your relative until the end of the visit and wait until they are collected by care staff.

  • Don’t visit if you feel unwell have a temperature or a new persistent cough or sudden loss of taste or smell.

  • Stay 2 metres apart – residents should sit in the shelter and relatives should use the bench provided.

Click here to read BCHA's full Coronavirus Visiting Policy

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